Stop the flow with one single click, and save up to 150€ per year.
With Econiz™, the crafty water economizer, you can save up to 150€ worth of water on your bathroom and kitchen taps, and also reduce your electricity or gas bill by consuming less hot water.

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1er prix de l'innovation catégorie éco développement salon Brico et Habitat 2010 et primé au concours Lépine 2007

L'eau une ressource rare

The Earth has significant water resources, but fresh water is increasingly scarce. It is important to preserve and conserve it.

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Male aerator 9L/min Male aerator 5L/min Flow diffuser 9L
Découvrez la gamme économie d'eau Boutté

Discover our complementary range through which you will be able to easily participate in this effort!

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